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Wonders of Honey in Beauty Regime – Beauty Benefits of Honey on Skin & Hair

Wonders of Honey in Beauty Regime – Beauty Benefits of Honey on Skin & Hair

Benefits of honey on skin, hair & overall beauty

Every one dreams of a beautiful skin tone. Some achieve it while some try to achieve it. There’s a saying that beauty is skin deep and I very strongly agree to this. Beauty is not only external but also internal. You are what you eat, think and do. These factors have a lot of influence on our skin, hair, mental and physical well-being. How does one balance work and life without health taking its toll? The answer lies in the deepest roots of India Ayurveda. Let us rediscover some of the beauty secrets of honey on skin & hair that are from time immemorial.

Benefits of honey on skin, hair & overall beauty

Benefits of honey on skin, hair & overall beauty

One of the oldest products used to enhance beauty since ages is honey. Its anti-aging properties cleanses the pores on the face and provides moisture to the skin. Honey is used with other ayurvedic components such as turmeric, aloe Vera, milk, curd, coconut oil etc to get a glowing and healthy skin. Honey is also used for skin tightening process. Honey removes the blackheads and whiteheads and keeps the skin nourished. Its antiaging properties hydrates your skin thus keeping your skin tone fresh, and also leaving you feel fresh for many hours. It also has medicinal uses as well.

Benefits of Honey on Skin: Waxing, making your skin smooth & shining

Benefits of honey on skin - Honey waxing makes skin smooth & shining

Honey is the most prominent ingredient used in waxing and tan removal process. The basic waxing process makes use of honey and jaggery. Honey keeps your skin smooth and removes tan while jaggery removes dirt and dead cells from your skin. The most widely preferred method of waxing in India is honey waxing as everyone are aware of the fact that honey keeps your skin smooth and shining. Honey also aids in soothing your skin and reduces the time taken for hair to regrow on your legs and hands. It keeps your skin supple.

Benefits of Honey on Hair – Giving you Voluptuous Hair

Beauty Benefits of honey on hair -  honey helps you get beautiful, thick and voluptuous hair

Who does not love thick, dense and smooth hair! Honey can make you achieve thick, dense & smooth hair. Honey helps in treating rough and unruly hair. Make you own hair mask by adding one cup milk to ½ a cup of honey. Apply it evenly on your scalp and wash it off after fifteen minutes. It is a keratin friendly product which lays the foundation for new roots of hair on the scalp.

Beauty Benefits of Honey: Smooth Glossy Lips

Beauty Benefits of honey : honey helps in giving you glossy lips

Who here does not dream of pink, smooth and glossy lips! Here is a small DIY that you can do it right in your home with the products straight from your kitchen! Mix 1 tb honey, 1 tb sugar, 2-3 drops olive and 2-3 fresh rose petals in a small bowl. Allow it to settle down for 10-15 min. Once it is mixed well, take a tooth brush preferably with fine bristles and brush it gently on your lips. Initially brush gently and gradually scrub the mixture on your lips. See to that you do not scrub too much as lips are very sensitive. Wash the mixture off your lips with water after 5 minutes. You will notice your soft pink lips restored to its full glory!

These were the ways honey helps in giving you beautiful, smooth & shining skin, voluptuous & thick hair, glossy lips but if you are not healthy, you can’t be beautiful. Some of the ways drinking Ginger Tea can help you remain healthy. If you are healthy, you can definitely be beautiful for sure.

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