Benefits of Red Wine for Health, Skin & Weight Loss

Health benefits of Red wine on skin, heart, weight
red wine health benefits: red wine reduces risks of heart attack, type 2 diabetes

When someone says wine, then we inadvertently think about grapes. Wine like beer is an acquired taste. Not many people are fond of the taste but Wine lovers are the connoisseur of this lovely beverage. Different wine is teamed up with the different types of food, while wine and cheese are the most favourites amongst the wine lover. Specific food pairing is also very noteworthy while ordering wine. For example, Red Wine is usually paired while eating Red meat, while white wine is consumed with lighter meat like fish or chicken. There are varieties of wine available, but the popular ones are
White Wine, Red Wine, Rosé, and Sparkling Wine, which can be enjoyed by everyone. Red wine also has other health benefits apart from it being good for skin & weight

White wine is made out of the juice of the grape. It is a misconception that for making white wine, only green grapes are used, but in reality, both light and dark grapes are used to produce White Wine. The exception here is that the skin of the vine is separated before the fermentation process begins. Red wine is made using the juice, pip, skin, and seed of grape. It is fermented at a higher temperature to infuse colour, tannin, flavour and aroma with different level of concentration which can be acquired by the duration of fermentation. Of all the types of wine Rosé requires the shortest fermentation time i.e. mere 12-16 hours is enough for making Rosé. Alternatively, Rosé is prepared by mixing red wine and white wine. Sparkling wine goes through a double fermentation process wherein the first fermentation turns the grape juice into wine i.e., the base wine and the final fermentation process turn the base wine into bubbly wine by adding sugar and yeast into the base wine.

Of all the Wines, Red Wines is quite popular. Many people love to have a glass of wine to unwind themselves. Unlike other beverages, wine doesn’t give you a hangover. While it is proven that drinking red wine offers several benefits to people, some of them are stated below.

red wine health benefits: red wine is good for skin

Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Resveratrol is a compound present in Red wine, which they get it from the skin of the red grapes. Resveratrol has several health benefits; research have shown that this compound can diminish the risk of heart disease. When consumed in moderation, red wine has shown to reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes (Peanuts also help reduce type-2 diabetes). Red wine also helps in decreasing the chance of getting cancer of the colon, basal cell, ovary, and prostate. Researchers have also found out that drinking red wine in moderation will also help in reducing the risk of developing dementia. With the increasing cases of depression, consuming red wine in a small portion helps in reducing the risk of depression. So overall, drinking red wine in moderation is good for heart, type-2 diabetics, and helps in reducing risk of several other diseases.

red wine health benefits: red wine helps in weight loss

Drinking Red Wine helps to get glowing Skin

The presence of antioxidants like flavonoid, tannin, resveratrol aides in fighting ageing. These antioxidants help in restoring the collagen and elastic fibers. It helps in making the skin firm, it reduces the fine lines and wrinkles as well. If red wine is applied directly to your face using a cotton ball or cotton pad. The antiseptic property of this beverage helps in reducing the acne on the face and also helps in preventing further breakouts on the face. Apart from enjoying red wine, you can reap the benefit of enhancing the beauty of your face. For maximum benefits on skin, drink red wine only in moderation.

Red wine: helping People in Weight Loss

Yes, you read it right that drinking Red Wine in moderation will help in weight loss. As mentioned earlier, Red Wine contains a compound called Resveratrol. This compound has fat-burning property, and it converts the white fat into beige fat; beige fat is known as obesity-fighting fat. This beige fat is relatively easier to break down hence aiding weight loss. This beverage is also anti-inflammatory, which helps in weight loss.

Drinking Red Wine in Moderation leads to the wellness of the person. The keyword here is moderation, as the famous saying goes ‘excess of anything is bad’ so is true in this case as well. Thinking that red wine has so many benefits on health, skin, and weight doesn’t mean that you can have more than one or two glasses of wine. Like an advantage, it also has its disadvantages if it is not consumed in moderation. Consuming more than required will lead to addiction and would result in chronic diseases associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

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