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Make A Skin Night Serum at Home

Make A Skin Night Serum at Home

Taking care of your skin is very important in today’s hectic life. If we do not do this, our skin starts looking dull and lifeless. At the same time, our skin is heel at night, so it is advised that at night time, we should sleep only after removing makeup. If you sleep at night by applying natural night cream at night, then it gives a glow to your face.

How to make Night Serum

  • Homemade serum made of glycerin, rose water and lemon is the best to keep the skin glowing and blemish-free. Using this makes your face spotless and glowing.
  • Glycerin has moisturizing properties, rose water is a great astringent. And lemon has bleaching properties. Mixing these three together can be stored for many days.
  • To make this serum, mix 6 drops of glycerin in 20 ml of rose water. Squeeze a lemon in it, mix it well and store it.
  • If your skin is very dry, then increase the amount of glycerin and can also add vitamin E capsules to it.
  • The best time to apply this glycerin serum is at night. Apply this serum before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. By doing this, the stains of your face will be removed and your face will glow.
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