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Homemade Hair Cream for Dry and Damaged Hair

Homemade Hair Cream for Dry and Damaged Hair

Hair care : Dry & damaged hair? Try this home made hair cream

We know that skincare and hair care products are quite heavy for our pockets. Now you can make the best hair cream at home to turn that thin, weak and breakable hair, strong and thick. Today we are going to tell you, About Hair Cream for Hair to take proper care of hair. You can easily make it at home with the use of common household items.

Things needed to make hair cream at home

  • One raw coconut
  • a glass of raw milk
  • two spoon aloe vera gel
  • one spoon cornflour
  • 1 tsp castor oil
  • You can also use coconut oil or olive oil instead of castor oil.

Directions: How to make the hair care cream

  • Cut the coconut into small pieces and then grind them in a mixer to make a paste.
  • Now add raw milk to this paste and mix it well. Keep this mixture to cook on the flame.
  • Now add corn flour (maize flour) to this mix and keep cooking till it becomes a thick paste.
  • Now mix coconut milk in it and keep it to cool down.
  • After cooling, add aloe vera gel and castor oil (or olive and coconut oil) and mix well. Your hair cream is ready.

Application: Hair cream method

Apply this hair cream on your hair from root to ends and leave it for two hours. After this, shampoo with fresh (normal water) water.


  • Coconut milk will give moisture to the roots of your hair. This will strengthen the grip of your hair to the scalp..
  • Raw milk will work to increase the length of your hair. It also makes hair soft, smooth and silky.
  • Aloe vera gel helps in increasing the protein level in your hair. This increases the elasticity and strength of the hair.
  • Cornflour helps in removing excess oil from scalp and hair. This also helps remove common scalp problems like fungus and dandruff in the hair.
  • Castor oil works to increase hair length rapidly and also prevents hair fall.

Your hair will grow stronger soon after using this home-made hair cream. It will become thick and there will be no breakage in your hair. This is definitely the most economical & natural method of an effective hair care method.

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