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You Want to Wear Old Jeans Again, Try these Tricks

You Want to Wear Old Jeans Again, Try these Tricks

Jeans are definitely included in the wardrobe of most of the girls. Girls look good in jeans. Girls can team up their jeans with shirts, tops and kurtas etc. There are some jeans, which are your favorite even after being very old. Which you always want to keep as a part of your wardrobe, although your favorite jeans become old, they start getting tight, loose or the color of the jeans starts coming off. In such a situation, you cannot wear it even if you want to. If you have jeans in your wardrobe that you want to wear again, then you can try some tricks.

Tricks to wear tight jeans
To fix tight jeans, heat water and fill it in a spray bottle. Hang your jeans on a hanger and spray water around their waist and thighs. Then hang the jeans by stretching them on the hanger. Let the stretched part of the jeans hang in such a hanger for about a day. Try wearing it the next day. Your jeans will be loose.

How to tighten loose jeans
If your jeans are a little loose, then you can carry it like that. It will look good with top and loose shirts. But if the jeans are too loose, there is a way to make them tight. Most of the jeans are loose from the waist. So first sew the waist of the jeans to the back side. If you can’t sew it yourself, then get the jeans tightened by a tailor.

What to do if the color of jeans comes off
When the jeans start getting old, then its color also starts getting lighter. In such a situation, when the color of the jeans is faded, you can wear it by getting it colored again. Jeans can be colored even at home. For this, bring cloth color from the market and mix it in hot water and soak the old jeans in it. Color the jeans well. After that clean the jeans thoroughly. There is another way to fix jeans. You can reuse these jeans. Wear a capri or short made of old jeans.

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