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Say Good-Bye to Cracked Heels

Say Good-Bye to Cracked Heels

The problem of heel cracking is very common in women. Anyway, now the winter season is near and with this most people start complaining of cracked heels.
In fact, there are many such creams in the market that claim to heal cracked heels. But to avoid this problem, what do you need to use a lot of money or chemical-rich things. When you can easily treat cracked heels with the things present in the house.

Aloe vera gel is very beneficial for the skin. Just as it nourishes the skin, in the same way it is also helpful in filling the cracks of the heels quickly. Wash your feet thoroughly before sleeping at night. Then apply aloe vera gel on it. Wear thin socks on it.

The cracks of the heels are filled with petroleum jelly. Apply a thin layer of jelly on the ankles. Leave it overnight.

Take a ripe banana. Massage it and apply it on the torn ankles. Let dry for 15 minutes, then wash off. Then apply moisturizer on the feet and leave it like this at night.

Make a paste by mixing milk and honey. Apply it on cracked heels. Let dry Then wash off with cold water. This gives a lot of nutrition to the feet.

Take rice flour. Add honey to it. Put it on. Wash off when dry. Honey provides moisture to the skin, so rice flour removes roughness.

Clean the feet thoroughly. Then apply coconut oil on it. Even if there is bleeding from the ankles, coconut oil is also very beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial properties.

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