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Rarest Places to Visit in India and Thailand

Rarest Places to Visit in India and Thailand

Most tourists, especially new nomads who are just developing the interest in travelling
around and exploring the world, often follow regular travellers’ comments and blogs to
check out the places that they have explored.

As a result, they visit popular places that have already been explored and many other
amazing places remained unexplored. Even in India, there are many spectacular places
that have surely been discovered but are not very popular yet.

Therefore, we would like to talk about such a spellbinding place in India and Thailand that
are worth your delve into. One such place inIndia is Lachung, which is located in Sikkim. So, let us explore Lachung today!

The reason why most of the people do not know about this mesmerizing place is because of its remotest location. Lachung is situated in the isolated mountain village in Sikkim, which is in close proximity to the Tibetan Border. It is situated at a height of around 8,610 feet above the sea level.

Lachung is surrounded by snow-capped mountains that make this place a real treat
for the eyes of the travellers. Lachung has a number of breath-taking waterfalls that are
sure to captivate your attention.

Another enthralling thing that you must not miss is the apple orchards, which will make
your trip to Lachung once in a lifetime opportunity – well, only if you decide not to
visit Lachung again, which we think is nearly impossible. Other than apples, Lachung is
famous for its apricots and peaches as well.

The Lachung village is divided by the Lachung River that is locally known as the Lachung
Chu. Another magnificent place to explore in Lachung is the Lachung Monastery. Constructed in 1880, it is an ancient Nyingma Buddhist Gompa that is located in the Lachung Valley. The Lachung Nyingma Buddhist Gompa is a small and colourful monastery

with a two-story player hall. It is one of the most antique structures that is 30 minutes of walk from the centre of the town. Other than these above mentioned mesmeric places to adore in Lachung, you can also explore Shingba Rhododendron sanctuary, which is well-known for its bountiful Rhododendron trees and shrubs.

The Shingba Rhododendron sanctuary flowsm through the Yumthang Chu – a crystal clear
water river that will soothe your mind and soul with its natural surroundings.

If you are thinking that, why above all the other enthralling places in India, we mentioned Lachung as one of the rarest places in India to visit is because it is one of the least explored sites in India that will leave you awestruck with its untouched picturesque. Besides, what makes it more feasible is that there is no problem with accommodation in Lachung. There are ample hotels and lodges you can stay at and take the pleasure of this one of its kind place wholeheartedly.

Lachung has a distinctive culture and traditions that are maintained and persevered quite amazingly. We believe every traveller must experience the exquisiteness of Lachung once in their lifespan.

Now that we are well aware of the magnificence of Lachung, let us know another pla
that is equally astonishing but yet to get the commercialised status as various other
tourist spots in Thailand.

Kanchanaburi is the place that temps the history buffs because of its World War II connotation. However, it is much more than that. So today, we would like to tell you the places and things
you can do in Kanchanaburi to make your trip to Thailand a memorable one.

As a lot of people would already be aware of the popular trio namely, the Death Railway,
Allied War Cemetery and Bridge over the River Kwae, we will talk about these places in the later part of the article. Let us talk about other equally bewildering places in Kanchanaburi that will literally leave you saying, ‘Wow!!!’

Erawan Waterfall
Erawan Waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in Thailand that will captivate you for long with its natural surroundings. Erawan Waterfall is a part of Erawan National Park, which is located in the Tenasserim Hills.

Other than the Erawan Waterfall, the national park also has a bunch of beautiful limestone caves that often attracts a lot of visitors.

Wat Tham Sua
Wat Tham Sua is an architectural sensation and is one of the most impressive you will find in Thailand. It is located on the crest of a hill that will take you to climb up around 157 steps to experience the beauty of a giant golden mosaic Buddha.

It is a multitier chapel, which is highly decorated gables and arch doors. Apart from the Wat Tham Sua, there is another high spot called the Ket Kaew Prasat Chedi, which is an octagonal pagoda. The panoramic view of the Mae Klong River and the rice fields from the top mesmerises the travellers.

Wat Tham Khao Noi
Wat Tham Khao Noi shares the same hilltop as Wat Tham Sua, however, it is not directly accessible from there. Wat Tham Khao No is a multitier pagoda that is built in a Chinese style. It is a place of worship Lord Buddha that also has Chinese deities along with the Buddha image. This seven-tiered pagoda exhibits the beliefs of seven levels in heaven.

Hellfire Pass Memorial
Hellfire Pass Memorial is a 500 metre long and 26 metre deep steep rock railway cutting, which is infamous for claiming thousands of lives during the World War II. It is one of the most famous war memorials across the world that symbolizes slavery, starvation and suffering.

Along with the Hellfire Pass, there is a museum that is built for the memorial of the dead soldiers and civilians, which is co-sponsored by the Thai and Australian governments.

Death Railway
Now comes the Death Railway, a standing testimonial of one of the world’s most
miserable tragedies that took place during World War II.

The Japanese army ordered allied prisoners of war to construct the rail route in here
back in 1942. However, due to the rugged terrains, limestone cliffs and mountains, it
took more time and efforts than it was originally stipulated.

As a result, as many as 1, 00,000 civilians and soldiers lost their lives owing to sickness, malnutrition and fatigue. Since then, it has been one of the most popular
tourist spots among travellers.

Bridge over the River Kwai (Kwae)
Another spellbinding spot that is linked to the Death Railway is the Bridge over the River Kwai (Kwae), which is an immortal symbol over 400 km railway stretch. It links both the sides of Kwai Yai River, which was originally built by the allied prisoners of war under the Japanese army during World War II.

River Khwae Bridge, Kanchanaburi

The Bridge was used by the Japanese army to carry supplies for nearly 20 months. However, in the 1944, the USA and British RAF bombed the Bridge to cut the supplies. Today, the bridge you see over the Kwai Yai River is the reconstruction of the original one. It attracts travellers around the world and is one of the most photo graphed landmarks in Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery
The last but certainly not the least is the Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery, which is the resting place of those thousands of allied prisoners of war and soldiers who lost their lives while constructing the Death Railway.

It is one of the most silent and quiet land marks that will give you a fervent life experience.

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