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Place that Gives Every Reason to Fly Solo

Place that Gives Every Reason to Fly Solo

Thailand- the land that has it all, vibrant city culture to magnificent and idyllic islands, mouth-watering food to spiritual awakenings. This beautiful place is one of Southeast Asia’s most loved and traveller friendly destinations. It is rich in a diversity of activities, landscapes, attractions, delicacies and pretty much everything else. Thus making it ideal for your next trip. If you’re looking for an adventure, let’s take a look at why Thailand should be your next solo trip.

To each something of their own
Thailand really has it all in a way. This ‘Land of the Smiles’ has something for everyone. If you
are a beach person or a mountain person or both, Thailand will cater to all your wanderlust
desires. If you want to relax on the beach in the calming lap of the waves, Thailand is known for its world’s top beach destinations. But if you are into adventures, then the Northern parts of this land offer you great trekking sites alongside vibrant hill tribes.

For nature lovers, there are beautiful natural waterfalls to explore and also a wide range of
native wildlife. For history enthusiasts, this destination offers fascinating insights into its
war history. It also has something for those on a spiritual path with its rich Buddhist culture
and temple ruins. Thailand is truly a paradise for foodies with its never-ending range of delicacies and famous street food culture. Thailand is truly your Eat-Pray-Love fantasy come alive in one stop.

Delicacies galore
With the thought of travelling comes the collateral thought of food. With Thailand, food
is never a cause of concern, as it is popularly said that the food scene in this place is just ‘perfect’. The street food of Thailand is unmissable and inevitable. There are numerous, massive street food markets all around this place and are simply a must-try.

These serve a large variety of indegenious and traditional meals. Every time you turn a corner
in s street you will be tempted by the flavourful aroma of Thai cuisine. The street food culture
here has a lot to offer to everyone, you can dine in if you like to eat alone or you can grab a bite for your on the go meals or even take away and eat peacefully in the comfort of your stay. One can even join a food walking tour for an enriching experience.

The food market culture is different from that oa restaurant experience, you can eat as you watch the world of Thailand go by its day. You also need not worry if you miss the food back home, as there are a number of restaurants and food joints here that offer international cuisines as well. There’s definitely no reason for you to go hungry while on your trip to Thailand. More so, it will not let you stay hungry.

Travellers’ unite
Thailand experiences a large footfall of travellers all year round. It is no stranger to solo or group travellers. It makes for a fulfilling and diverse experience, thus making it a top choice for all. Even if you’re travelling alone, you’ll never really be alone. It is easy to meet a number of other travellers, most of whom are solo travellers as well.

Travelling solo does not mean spending the entire vacation by yourself, one can easily meet and make new friends while in Thailand, and enjoy different activities with different people while on the go. Meeting travellers from around the world would definitely add value to your travelling experience and might even be more enriching. Travel solo, but don’t be alone.

Explore it all with ease
If you’re worried about how to get to all the magnificent experiences Thailand offers, then don’t sweat. Travelling in and around Thailand isn’t a difficult task and you will always reach wherever you set out for.

This place has a well-planned transportation system which is also affordable and is easy to use. You can take a bus or a train to go around, and these services have friendly English-speaking staff members at various stops to help you out.

Even the accommodations here can always help you with travel bookings and guide you with it. There are other services like minivans, taxis, tuk-tuks and ferries apart from the trains and the buses, which connect almost all major destinations, including the islands. There are frequent domestic flights and sleeper trains as well for a little longer distances. Travel and transportation are easy to figure out once you reach Thailand.

Safety ensured
Thailand is known for its safe and secure streets. It has a relatively low crime rate. This land of ingrained Buddhost culture and largely accepted social philosophy, sees rare instances of crimes against travellers. As a solo traveller, safety is bound to be a cause of concern. But with Thailand one can be assured of their safety as it is considered to be a highly secure and safe choice for travellers from around the world. Although Thailand is a pretty safe place, it still is necessary to ensure your own safety by taking the basic safety measures and being a responsible traveller. The locals here are friendly and very open to travellers, so as a lone-ranger you don’t have much to be scared about.

Accommodation choices for all
It is true that your travel experience depends largely on where you stay. Accommodation is the first thing to decide when travelling anywhere. This haven for travellers does not compromise on this factor at all and offers you a multitude of choices to fit all kinds of requirements and to cater to every taste and budget. It offers a menu of accommodations, ranging from luxury hotel suites to pocket-friendly hostel stays. You can choose from a large scale starting from a pampered retreat to a backpackers hostel stay. Majority of these take online bookings and can be easily explored and booked before you reach there.

Easy on the pocket
It’s inexpensive nature and light on the pocket aspect is one of the major reasons for it being a traveller’s hub. Thailand doesn’t expect you to or make you shell out a chunk of money while it offers you a never-ending list of experiences. From accommodations to activities, food to transportation, it offers you options for every budget.

Everything here can be pricey or at throw away prices depending on how you want it. If you’ve planned out your trip and budgeted well, you will not run out of money and Thailand will not disappoint you or compromise on your experience. For those on longer stays, you can always choose to take up some sort of employment you’d like to fund your trip further. In Thailand, you do as your pocket allows, but you never compromise on your experience.

Take a tour
If you like to travel with a plan and not miss out on anything, but exploring a new place by yourself makes you anxious, you can always choose to tour. There are several fantastic tours to take up for you to discover Thailand and explore all the major attractions and experiences.

You can either take a multi-day tour that will take you to several destinations over the course of the tour. Or, you can even choose a day-tour and see highlights of a specified number of places. You can choose to plan your entire trip around one big tour to cover it all or bead up a number of small tours to build up your experience. You can choose a general tour and have a diversified experience or take up a specialist-tour catering to specific interests.

However you choose to explore, tours can be the best way to get the most of the experience and to travel around easily, within a set time frame.

Thailand offers a platter that has a lot more than sight-seeing, exploring nature and eating options. It also offers you a large variety of activities, workshops, etc. There are several fun and
interesting things to do here. You can go underwater diving or do snorkelling if you love the

For those into adventures, there’s always rock climbing, hiking, caving or trekking options
available. For all our foodies who are bound to fall in love with the Thai cuisine, there are cooking classes easily available for tourists. You can even take up courses on ancient Thai massage or even learn the language. If you are on a spiritual journey or looking to start one, you can always spend some time at a meditation retreat or camp here, or choose a yoga retreat. Whatever you like, there’s always an activity or more for you here.

Belong with the locals
The land is no stranger to travellers and thus the locals welcome everyone with open arms and
hearts. The people of Thailand are very friendly and truly believe in serving their guests with love and generosity. You can always interact with and befriend locals. They are always ready to help or to even have a quick chat. They will always make you feel welcome and at home in an unknown land, making Thailand a fulfilling experience. It is safe to say that Thailand does have it all. It caters to all needs, choices and budgets.

It is a traveller’s paradise and a hub, and offers no reason to not visit it. It is rightly called the city of smiles and will always leave you

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