INDIA COVID Cases Update as of January 18, 2022

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India has reported an increase in COVID cases since yesterday. As of January 18, 2022 (8:00 IST), there has been a total of 222,775 new cases reported across India.

Maharashtra has reported 31,111 cases followed by Karnataka registering 27,156 cases. Third, Tamil Nandu stands at 23,443 cases at this time. This is the sixth day that the cases crossed the 200,000 mark in a while.

An update was issued by the MoHFW on the clinical guidance on managing adult cases of covid 19. The guidelines are as follows.

Mild disease category. It is for adults is when they experience upper respiratory tract symptoms and/or fever WITHOUT shortness of breath or hypoxia. They are recommended for home isolation. The only exception is if the adult is considered a part of the high-risk group.

Moderate disease categories. It is for adults experiencing a respiratory rate of ≥ 24/min, breathlessness. Also, a SpO: 90% to ≤93% on room air. These adults will be admitted to a ward for monitoring.

An adult will be considered under the severe disease category if they show a Respiratory rate >30/min, breathlessness, and a SpO2<90% on room air. These cases will be admitted to an ICU or HDU.

To be categorized properly, seek medical assistance for any symptoms that persist.

Follow us to know the latest update on India COVID cases.

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