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INDIA COVID Cases Update as of January 15, 2022

INDIA COVID Cases Update as of January 15, 2022

India COVID Cases

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India has reported an increase in COVID cases since yesterday. As of January 15, 2022 (8:00 IST), there has been a total of 268,359 new cases reported across India.

Maharashtra has reported 43,211 cases followed by Karnataka registering 28,723 cases, and Delhi stands at 24,383 cases at this time. This is the third day that the cases crossed the 200,000 mark in a while.

COVID found in children

The most recent COVID wave has shown a significant increase in the number of children contracting the virus. The increase is mostly due to children who are in constant contact with adults contracting the virus. A previously published research, claims that children have stronger immunity. This has led many people to believe that children will have a lesser chance of contracting the virus.

The omicron variant’s symptoms present as the common flu. As of the moment, many children remain untested for COVID since many parents believe it to be flu. Even though children may not present the same symptoms as adults, they can be carriers. This is in light of WHO research saying that the severity of the virus would be less for children. Research conducted earlier shows that children a less likely to experience the severity of the symptoms. Although it is unproven at the moment, it points to the age difference and biological mechanisms that present depending on the body’s age.

Parents are urged to be careful with how they would look at the common flu in children. The long-term effects are still unknown for those who contracted the virus. They should still avoid bringing their children into crowded spaces without any protection. They are also advised to seek medical recommendations when children contract flu-like symptoms.

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