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Halloween 2021: Significance and Origin Behind the Festival

Halloween 2021: Significance and Origin Behind the Festival

Halloween is celebrated in America, England and European countries. But this festival originated from Ireland and Scotland. This day is the last day of the Celtic calendar. Therefore, among the Celtic people, it is celebrated as the beginning of the new year. According to legend, Irish people make Jack O’ Lanterns on Halloween.

On the other hand, people who believe in Gaulik tradition celebrate their New Year on November 1. But the night of the day before, that is, on the night of 31 October, is considered as the Halloween festival. On this day people get caught in horror. It is believed that on this day, when the spiritual world and the wall of our world become very weak, then unsatisfied or evil spirits enter the earth and they try to harm humans. People hollow the pumpkin and put it in the eyes, nose and Make a mouth and keep a candle inside. Whose is hung outside the house or on the trees. After which he is buried. Children take chocolates from neighbors and relatives on this day. It has different practices in many countries. It is believed that the decoration done outside the house on this day should not be spoiled at all. Otherwise the result could be bad.

In western countries, this festival is celebrated with great pomp. This festival is celebrated for the peace of the souls of the ancestors. Although people wear new clothes in festivals, but in this festival, people wear such clothes and make-up so that they look scary. Every year this festival is celebrated on 31 October only. Christians celebrate this festival with great pomp. Halloween is also called Hallows Eve, All Saints Eve, All Hallow Evening, All halloween. This festival is also celebrated by non-Christians in many places around the world.

Why are the costumes scary?
On Halloween people wear scary costumes and party fiercely. On this day friends and family play many games together. One such game is Apple bobbing. Where do apples live in tubs of water? The one who throws out the teeth first is the winner. People enjoy Halloween in different ways.

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