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Best Ethnic Outfit to Wear This Festive Season

Best Ethnic Outfit to Wear This Festive Season

you are going to hear the most now is ‘what are you wearing on Diwali?’ It is a no-brainer that this time around the year, only the traditional ethnic outfits are the trend.

However, as the festive season lasts for days, you would absolutely be looking for multiple options to have on this festive season. Besides, Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, perhaps on top of every other festival in the country. Hence, it makes the selection of the most suitable and charming ethnic outfit more difficult, especially for those men and women who prefer to wear western outfits throughout the year.

However, you do not have to worry about your outfit, as we are here to help you out with the
selection of the best ethnic outfit to wear this festive season.

Let us start our list of the best ethnic outfits for this festive season with an elegant dress for our pretty women out there.

Transform Old Saree with Blazer – Women
Another unique blend that catches the eyes of the people is the transformation any of your old saree and pair it off with a blazer on top of it.

You may take a colourful Banarasi printed saree and multi-coloured or printed blazer
to look vividly alive and beautiful.

Transforming old sarees and other traditional dresses have been becoming a thing nowadays. So, why we should not flaunt our creativeness this Diwali and flourish our charm all over.

Blend Dhoti Pant and Long Shrug – Women
Dhoti pant is among the most popular and the best ethnic outfit that women love to
wear these days. Though dhoti pant is not a new outfit; however, it is together with a long shrug, is just winning the internet nowadays.

You may have seen some of the most glamorous celebrities of the B-Town including Kareena Kapoor Khan and Parineeti Chopra wearing the same combination. So, this festival season, have this epic blend of dhoti pant and long shrug along with the embroidered blouse underneath to captivate the eyes of the spectators.

Short Kurta – Men
When it comes to the ethnic outfits for men for the festive season, kurta is probably the first – sometimes the only – thing that comes across our mind. Gone are the days when kurta used to be the choice of Indian men only.

Nowadays, kurta has been a part of almost every men’s wardrobe across the globe.
Moreover, with the globalisation of kurta, the designers and artists have twisted and tweaked kurtas to make it more sophisticated and stylish. One of those alterations has given us the epically elegant outfit known as the short kurta. Short kurta keeps the conventional touch of the traditional kurta and looks more stylish at any function or festive season.

Cape or Poncho with Lehenga – Women
Just like kurta for men, when we talk about the ethnic outfits for women, a lehenga is probably the first thing that we think of. However, traditional lehenga choli is some what outdated now sorry girls, if you are among those who love the combo of lehenga choli. Nevertheless, no worries, we are providing you with a contemporary blend of lehenga.

This festive season, let us replace the traditional choli with cape or poncho and wear it with lehenga. You may also go for a plum skirt and pair it off with embroidered cape or poncho. To give it an elegant modern touch, you may choose not to carry dupatta with it, and it will still keep the ethnicity of the dress intact.

Sassy Off-Shoulder Women
Off-shoulder outfits never go out of trend! Therefore, this season, we would like you to include the traditional off-shoulder attire with sassy designs in your wardrobe.

The best thing about off-shoulder dresses is that you will have plenty of designs and patterns to choose from. So, if you are kind of a finicky person who wants to have a lot of options for a particular dress, off-shoulder outfit for this festive season would be an excellent choice for you.

Nehru Jacket – Men
Nehru Jacket is among the most adaptable outfits for men that goes with almost everyfestival and event irrespective of how grand or small the celebration is.

The best advantage of Nehru Jacket is that you can pair it off with anything including
but certainly not limited to the traditional kurta pyjama, trousers, chinos or even jeans. Nehru Jackets just look elegant with everything whatsoever.

The additional benefit that Nehru Jackets possess is that they hide the belly splendidly without upsetting outfit impression. No matter if you are a young boy or a middle-aged man, Nehru Jacket suits everyone equally.

Jacket up Your Outfit – Women
As we, earlier in the article, talked about the significance of lehenga in the ethnic outfits for women to wear in the festive season, let us, again, tweak this traditional dress with a graceful jacket.

This festive season, pair off the stylish lehenga with a crop top, or you may have choli as well, and put on a classy jacket on top of it.

The traditional lehenga with a jacket on top would give you a contemporary look with keeping the ethnic touch of the outfit intact. Along with it, flaunt your long jhumkis and astound everyone around you.

Jodhpuri Suit – Men
Jodhpuri Suit, as the name suggests, is a Jodhpuri (Rajasthani) attire, which is among the traditional Royal outfits for men. Initially, only the princes of Jodhpur were allowed to wear the Jodhpuri Suits.

Later on, it became the fashion statement for men. Jodhpuri suit is more of a Bandhgala Suit with Nehru jacket on top of it.

However, Jodhpuri Suit looks much more imperial and majestic than Nehru Jacket.
Therefore, Jodhpuri Suits are among the most worn ethnic outfits for men during almost all
the functions.

One of the most popular things for which India is known across the world is the culture and
festivities. The whole world knows how amazing it is to be here in India and celebrate the
festive season in the country.

This is why lots of tourists visit India just for experiencing and enjoying the celebration of
Indian festivals. Therefore, being an Indian, we understand the significance of these
festivals, and the least we do can do to make this festive season more special is to drape yourself with the colourful traditional ethnic outfits.

Make this festive season more vivid and sparkling with the mix and match of these
traditional ethnic attires. Have a Happy Festive

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