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6 Types of Classy Shoes Every Fashionista Women Should Have in Their Collection

6 Types of Classy Shoes Every Fashionista Women Should Have in Their Collection

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Your fashion isn’t just about your dress, but your outfit as a whole. And that includes your footwear, idyllically. Just imagine, if your footwear looks out of place than your dress? Or if you are wearing a pair of sneakers with your formal clothing? Will the go? Definitely not. Footwear have the capability not just to complete your look, but to emancipate it as well.

A foot wrong here and there in your choice of footwear will certainly ruin how much classy and trendy your clothing is. That being said, it is also not just about what quality shoes you are wearing, it must go well with your outfit, the occasion and time. So, here are 6 imperative shoes that every fashionista women should have in their wardrobe:

  1. Flats

Ballet flats are for eternity, literally. These can’t get out of style, and are ideal to be worn on different occasions and for purposes. Thus making them a must-have for your wardrobe. When you are looking for something comfortable, yet chic and stylish, like for work wear, just slip in a ballerina flat that goes well with your attire and you are done. You can find different types of textures, colours, blend of fashion arts; so you are basically spoilt for choices when it comes to flats.

2. Pumps

A must-must have for your shoes collection, we would be surprised if it’s being missing from your wardrobe. How are you managing, lady? While black pumps are a timeless piece; ask any fashionista lady out there, nude pumps also make their own space giving a different touch to your fashion statement. Right from work to dinner date, to more, pumps, black or nude, go well with almost all outfits. And the fact that it gives an illusion of long legs will surely make you fall in love with these.

3. Heels

Fashion statement in their own sense, heels are love for every woman. When you have an attractive piece worn, you would know how these take the centre-stage. Goes with almost everything, from your exclusive evening dress to a casual wear as well. Metallic, gold, silver are a bold style in their own, while there are several other attractive colour choices and patterns you will find to go with your taste and preference.

4. Ankle Boots

Who says that boots are for winter seasons only? Right from pairing with pants in winters to your short dress in summers, these are season-less and a bold fashion statement that you would definitely want to create. These give you an edgy look, and can be found in all-time-favourite black to several other colours and patterns.

5. Sneakers

Going for a short walk? Heading to the market with your girls-gang? Have a casual outing and you want to feel fully comfortable in what you wear? Just pick out your sneakers from the wardrobe and head out conveniently. From a chiffon dress to your jeans, these go perfectly with almost anything.

6. Flat Sandals

Quick and easy to wear, availability of endless designs, colours, textures and patterns, and matching capability with varied outfits. What else you need? These are just that footwear without which your shoe collection won’t look complete.

So, do you have these all in your collection? What is missing from your wardrobe? What footwear you want to shop next?

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