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Travel Guide: Thailand’s Marble Wonder Wat Benchamabophit

Travel Guide: Thailand’s Marble Wonder Wat Benchamabophit

Architectural elegance like no other the famed Marble Temple of Thailand and is the crowning glory of the never-ending list of exquisite temples of Indonesia. Resplendent of Thai architecture pointy layered rooftops, white Singha (Lion) statues guarding the doorways and a pristine white façade – the Marble Temple stands out by all virtues and is considered the very best in the whole nation.

Travel Tips for Visitors


Nicknamed “Marble Temple, the Wat Benchamabophit is prides of Italian marble used in the design thus giving it its nomenclature. A Buddhist temple built by the Thai king in 1899, this 120year old big temple complex located in the Dusit
district of central Bangkok.

How to get there
Use cab apps to hail a drive or book a day tour around Bangkok. While cabs come cheap, private guided tours could be your preferred mode of travelling.

Time to Visit
A cooler and less crowded morning time is always the best time to visit this place.
As for seasons, Bangkok experiences rain between May and October and the scorching sun between November to March. So, pick a month accordingly.

Shopping Districts
Although not the cheapest place in Bangkok for a staycation, the Dusit district does offer the Khao San Road with restaurants and shops to have a lazy day at. Al other big temples nearby are at walking distance, that’s a plus!

Entrance Fees
The temple complex and the buildings next to the canal are mostly free to roam about.
Entry to the main temple is not free like the outer ground and you shall be charged anywhere around 50THB(Thai Currency equivalent to 2 USD) to enter the main

Dos and Don’ts of Local Culture

You Must:

Match your attire to local aesthetics, it is preferable to stay conservative while you are out of the boundaries of the swanky tourist resorts. It is a must to show respect to local traditions of clothing while visiting the Marble temple. Knees and shoulders are kept covered as per local

Obey all rules strictly as mentioned while entering the temple. A sarong, and a sash are required as is required keeping your footwear outside the temple premises.

Make sure to sit down or bend down when talking to someone, so both of you are at the same eye level. Eye contact while speaking is considered the expected etiquette. Also lower your body slightly while passing people.

Use the social titles as prevalent locally when speaking to older people.

You Must Not:

Touching Heads – like patting childrens’ heads is forbidden. The head is the most sacred part of the body to the locals. So, refrain from touching anyone’s head or ruffling their hair.

Don’t Cross Legs – If you happen to be on the presence of a monk, do not cross your legs.

Right Hand – While handing over money or change or documents, always only use the right hand and not the left that is considered unclean all throughout the Asian region.

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