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Tips for Lighten Dark Underarms

Tips for Lighten Dark Underarms

Dark underarms can be a cause of embarrassment for us at times. To hide this, many times women avoid wearing sleeveless clothes. If you too have been facing embarrassment due to dark underarms, then we have brought some home remedies for you. By adopting these tips, you can get rid of these dark underarms. So let’s know about those measures-

Use potatoes
Let us tell you that potatoes are acidic in nature. It is considered to be an excellent natural bleaching agent. With its help, you can lighten your dark underarms. To use it, first cut the potato thinly and rub it on the underarms. If you want, you can also use it by making a paste. Afterwards clean it with warm water.

Use cucumber
We all know that cucumber is very beneficial for health. Apart from this, we can also use it to remove dark underarms. It is found to be a natural bleaching agent which helps in lightening the dark skin. To use it, first grind the cucumber. Extract its juice and apply it on the underarms with the help of cotton. This not only removes the blackness of underarms but also eliminates the problem of foul smell.

Use lemon
Lemon is considered a natural bleaching agent. It helps in lightening your dark underarms. To use it, first cut the lemon. Then massage it in the underarms. Use it twice a week. You will start seeing the difference in a few days.

Use baking soda
Let us tell you that baking soda is considered a very good exfoliator. To use it, prepare a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Then scrub your underarms and let it dry for 10 minutes. Afterwards clean it with plain water.

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