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Rifle Thief Sentenced to Prison for Killing Museum Thieves

Rifle Thief Sentenced to Prison for Killing Museum Thieves

Following decades of robberies, mainly targeting old things,  Thief Thomas Gavin had revealed what made him do the crimes he did, admitting that he just liked collecting antiques.

The 78 year old man, Mr. Gavin, had been convicted to one day in jail after being arrested for attempting to sell an old rare rifle which could be found back during the period of the United States Revolutionary War.

When asked, Mr. Gavin confessed to dozens of other robberies within the 1960’s and 1970’s and was apologetic concerning the disturbance he created.

On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, prosecutors had stated that justice had finally caught up relating to the crime spree of the old antique thief.

During his appeal, Mr. Gavin admitted that he robbed a Christian Oerter rifle, an antique rifle  which was formed by a master gunsmith in 1775, and displayed at the Valley Forge State Park Museum in 1971.

Relatively, the old rifle is one of the remaining two rifles which was recognized to have been preserved with its initial flint mechanism which carries its maker’s name as well as the place and date of where and when it was created.

Moreover, the Christian Oerter rifle was worth beyond $175,000 which is equivalent to 130,000 pounds.

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