PM Prayut warns public about spread misinformation about the government’s vaccination strategy

Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of the Kingdom of Thailand had recently announced, at an online cabinet meeting, that he is ready to punish anyone who had disseminated or will disseminate un-factual information about the Thai government’s vaccination action plan, stating that he had the responsibility to shield the administration over reckless comments.
The declaration was expressed following the statements of the leader of a Thai political party criticizing the government’s strategy of producing the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine locally through Thailand’s Siam Bioscience calling the supposed future Thai produced vaccine a “Royal Vaccine”.

Meanwhile, according to Director Nakorn Premsri of the National Vaccine Institute that the Thai government had long before studied the vaccination plan and decided to invite the AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company to help the country produce the vaccine via Siam Bioscience Co. Ltd. and produce at least 200 million doses of the particular vaccine per year.
Dr. Nakorn was confident that the government’s action plan will lead to success and added that if not for the former Rama IX’s past initiative (which is a contract signed between AstraZeneca & Siam Bioscience)-Thailand producing its own Sars-cov-2 vaccine will be impossible.