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Make A Change From Home

Make A Change From Home

Political consciousness and social activism is at an all time high. People more than ever are
understanding the value in a collective that works towards class consciousness and struggles against inequality. One might not be equipped financially to take up activism full time given the paltry income in NGO’s and Govt funded citizens programmes but one can surely continue to contribute in a valuable and time efficient manner through the help of the internet. Internet has more or less taken over all physical experiences. Volunteering your time towards the causes you believe in is also now at your fingertips thanks to Virtual Volunteering.

This new trend helps transcend geographical boundaries and logistics involved in travel by making it possible for patrons and volunteer enthusiasts to contribute to a cause of their liking, via computers or smartphones. If you are looking towards making an impact in the real world through Virtual.

Volunteering, some ideal places to explore are the following:

A great learning opportunity that can be sustained towards making a concrete change in the lives of children the volunteering option with Childs Rights and you (C.R.Y) lets you explore online research, help in translation or design development and IT, monitor news dissemination, online content curation and much more.

Translations without Borders
Apt for polyglot Translators without Borders is a non-profit seeking volunteers who can cater to their commitment towards several international organisations working in the field of crisis relief or education or health.

Project Gutenberg
The go to site for downloading Epubs and the best of literature lets you help them proofread books, burn CDs and DVDs for people without internet, procure eligible content for the site etc. Get to contribute to an ever increasing tribe of knowledge enthusiasts.

A dedicated volunteer search tool meant to cater to online volunteer needs, Catchafire helps you avail opportunities ranging from an hour to a few weeks or more. Easy, non-intensive tasks such as writing thank you letters that take up only an afternoon?

United Nations Online Volunteering
Volunteers wanting that global experience need come here to lend their talents in research, art & design, or writing towards partner organisations working towards peacekeeping in countries around the world. You can teach or train in sustainability or help in tech development too.

Benefits of Virtual Volunteering:

Pat up your CV
Show your philanthropic side using a time-saving way. Whether you are a college student, home maker, or a high-flying corporate honcho you can always take out some time on the weekend for a low commitment position that helps you gain experience through a relevant

Without the time or money to learn a new skill, we often feel limited in our expertise. Virtual volunteering is the perfect medium to learn a new skill on the job. Test the skills you want to work on, get feedback and learn a new trade such as research, grant writing, SME, fundraising etc.

Flexible Time Schedule
Pick the commitment tailor made to your needs and bandwidth. No need to commute or spend long hours making yourself look presentable. Volunteer search engines will help you narrow done opportunities depending on the time you want to dedicate to the cause in question. Just an internet connection and a computer or smartphone helps you build personal and professional connections.

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