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How to Help Nurture Indoor Plants

How to Help Nurture Indoor Plants

Tired of watching your favourite fern droop to death? Such is the strange case of house plants seemingly governed by mystical rules. Everything – water, sunlight, and care is either too much or too little to help them survive their indoor abode. But when we force exotic tropical flora to survive inside our homes far away from the rainforests they are native to a million details must be abided by in order to see
them thrive.

To keep a houseplant alive, one must replicate its natural geography and climate. Hence, tropical plants such as ferns, palms, or vines will require humidity your bathroom while succulents such as aloe, aeonium etc would need dry warmth a sunny corner of the house.

The Right kind:
Chart out your home environ and the amount of time you are ready to invest in your new obsession before zeroing on in on a plant specimen. Whether you have a house in the suburbs or an apartment in the city makes the world of a difference on the optimum surroundings you are able to offer to the plant. Ask yourself the correct questions before making this emotional

Light and Water:
While some plants thrive on low light, others would require bright light to live out its days. A thumb rule is to keep plants out of way of direct light lest they literally burn. Consider adding curtains or sheers in their way so the intensity of sunlight lessens or go for succulents such as cactus who prefer to face the direct light. The same logic of specificity applies to water going into the plants. Majority of houseplants prefer the top soil to be a bit dry before you water it the next time although there are some exceptions such as the Maiden Hair Fern. A cactus would prefer to dry out completely before you sprinkle it again. Remember – smaller the plant, more often do you need to water.

Your plant container must have optimum drainage irrespective of material or design or placement of the container. Drainage less pots need be watered very sparingly without any rocks at the bottom as it reduces growing space and hastens the process of rotting. Adding charcoal to the soil will help mitigate bacteria.

Houseplants can get some much needed re-energising from the fertilisers only when used in moderation. Time release fertiliser variety are arguably the best kind given they slowly release into the soil. Use them during growing season and maintain strict adherence to instructions included on packet.

Potting soil is optimum for most houseplants while succulents would want cactus soil. It is more porous and hence lighter as compared to potting soil. This helps in non-retention of water and creating the favourable situation for plants like cactus. Consider adding anything from peat moss, charcoal, or perlite to the soil in order to increase the nutrient content. Garden soil is the only enemy you have as it tends to be too heavy for houseplants and ends up smothering their roots.

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