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Green Chiretta: An Herbal Medicine for COVID

Green Chiretta: An Herbal Medicine for COVID

Andrographis Paniculata (Green Chiretta) has recently gained an audience as a way to treat mild COVID symptoms. The Public Health Ministry in Thailand approved the use of green chiretta to suppress mild symptoms of COVID-19. The approval came from numerous studies on taking a recommended dose daily can help ward off the virus.

Public Health Minister Dr. Anutin Charnvirakul noted that most of the COVID-19 patients who received the herbal medicine recovered well. There were a few side effects observed but in general, the results are promising.

Green Chiretta is among six herb samples that were tested by Mahidol University’s Excellence Centre for Drug Discovery and Thailand Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences. It was found that it could be a potential basis for alternative COVID-19 treatments. Also, by using these at a low dose is not toxic the body did suppress the replication of the virus.

The herb has greatly helped with the treatment of many COVID-19 patients in Thailand. It also continues to be a popular choice for many as a way to keep the virus at bay. The Ministry advises the public that due to the increasing popularity of the herb; they must be vigilant in checking the labels of any green chiretta capsules. This would help ensure their safety. They are advised to check if the brand is registered with FDA with a registration number beginning with a “G”. This ensures that it is classified and tested properly before public consumption. They also recommend checking the dosage. Also, avoiding the use of the medicine for extended periods until further studies are completed.

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