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Future of Travel Industry

Future of Travel Industry

Travel Industry’s future is in question for quite some time since the pandemic began. Many countries have imposed lockdown measures that prompted the closure of businesses and borders. This has pushed the travel industry into a questionable position.

The New Normal

COVID-19 will undoubtedly be a part of the next few years. No one knows when it will be eradicated if it could be at all. People across the globe have adapted their lifestyles to live with the constant fear of the virus. Although vaccinations gave hope, virus mutations damped the hopes of returning to normalcy. Digital solutions have covered many of our basic needs. Groceries and food can be ordered online, hospitalizations can be booked through websites, and financial transactions can be performed through applications. One thing digitalization could not replace would be inter-border travel.

Traveling with COVID

Although many countries re-opened their respective borders, there are still requirements in place to ensure the safety of their citizens. Many travelers have canceled multiple trips due to changing restrictions. This has continued for two years and has discouraged a wide number of tourists from visiting foreign countries.

The Future

For now, one of the most popular options is travel bubbles. These are a group of locations with low or zero case counts that a tourist may travel to. The transmission is minimized this way and at the same time, the threats are kept at bay. Another choice would be workcations. Workers are advised to work from home to avoid crowding offices and minimize the spread of the virus. Some take this to the next level whereby they travel during this time and continue to work. This requires the destination a good and stable internet connection.

What do you think is the future of travel?

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