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Europe could Encounter 700,000 More Covd-19 Deaths by March

Europe could Encounter 700,000 More Covd-19 Deaths by March

The Europe continent and some parts of Asia could record a further 700,000 coronavirus disease 2019 related deaths by March next year according to the World Health Organization.

The death toll had already surpassed 1.5 million within 53 countries of what the WHO considers as its Europe region.

The WHO revealed a high or severe distress within extensive care units in 49 of the countries by March 2022.

The continent is currently encountering a rise in Covid-19 cases compelling Austria to return to lockdown and several other countries to take into account new measures to fight the unfortunate situation.

Nations, including France, Germany and Greece, could soon also create booster shots, a mandatory action for their citizens so they could be counted as a fully vaccinated individual.

In the middle of this, several countries have seen dangerous protestings to object about the latest measures, as the Netherland’s for instance saw some nights of protests because of an implemented partial lockdown.

Relatively, the WHO had warned the people in Europe and several parts of Asia concerning Covid-19 being the main cause of death in the said regions.

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