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Best Things at Museum of Illusion

Best Things at Museum of Illusion

Recently, the Museum of Illusion has opened in Connaught Place, Delhi. This is the first illusion museum in India. You will be surprised to see the things and artwork here. Here you will feel yourself falling every moment. You will also start seeing straight lines crooked. Also, if you are fond of clicking extrarangi photos, then this place is just right for you. Also, if you want to try something new, then you must definitely visit this museum. Come

Trippy Vortex Tunnel
You must visit the trippy Vortex Tunnel of the Museum of Illusion. Although the floor of this tunnel will be completely stable, the rotating cylinder will make it feel like you have no control over your body.

Anti-Gravity Room
You must have heard and read about Newton’s law of gravitation. Many questions related to this will arise in your mind by visiting this museum. From the balls rolling overhead to the water flowing upwards, this room will make you ask a lot of surprising questions. Wouldn’t you like to experience a place where you are in the air? Think how much fun you will have here. You can also go here and fly in the air.

Playing Cards at the Clone Table
You will be alone in this room but you will feel like you are sitting at the table with your 5 doppelgangers. This is because the table is a circular clip that shows a full circle in two mirrors at 60 degree angles.

Shrinking Room
In this room you can see your friend shrinking. Also this is a best option for clicking room photos. You can also click your funny photos in this room.

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