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Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes On the Face

Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes On the Face

There are many beauty benefits of ice cubes found in the fridge. If you do not like to apply too much makeup, then you can use ice regularly so that your face will always remain fresh. Beautician Tulika Jha is telling about some such infallible benefits of ice

Ice Beauty Secrets

Remove pimples
Applying ice on the face not only reduces the pain caused by pimples but also gets rid of them. To apply ice on the face, first wrap it in a cotton cloth and then massage it all over the face.

Bring glow on face
Get up every morning and rub a piece of ice on your face with light hands. This is the best way to bring glow on the skin.

Ice cube is best for anti-aging treatment
Applying ice increases blood circulation, which reduces wrinkles and other marks on the face due to aging. Along with this, applying ice also tightens the skin. This is the reason why many people use it as an anti-aging treatment.

Reduce facial swelling
Ice helps in reducing swelling of the face. Apart from this, if you are having any kind of irritation on the face, then ice proves to be very beneficial in calming it down.

Get rid of sunburn
If your skin is damaged due to sunburn and you are tired of treating it, don’t worry. Ice is very helpful in treating sunburn.

Beneficial for eyes
Along with the skin, ice is also very beneficial for the eyes. It not only cools the eyes but also removes swelling of the eyes.

Natural primer
Primer is often used under foundation to make the skin even before applying makeup. If you do not want to use a primer, then you can apply ice on the face before makeup. Applying ice shrinks the skin pores, making the skin smooth and thus you can get your natural primer in a low budget.

Make lips soft
Applying ice on the lips removes its dead skin and the lips become soft.

Remove dark circle
Dark circles can be removed with the use of ice cubes. Mix some cucumber juice in rose water and keep this liquid in the freezer to freeze overnight. Next day apply it under the eyes. Due to the coolness, the blood circulation of the skin will improve here. Also, the mixture of rose water and cucumber will lighten the dark circles.

Use ice cubes 3 to 4 times a week, not every day
If you are not able to use ice cubes every morning, then do a facial massage with an ice cube three to four days a week. This will give you freshness for a long time. Doing face icing before makeup keeps makeup long lasting.

Threading rash
Often, after threading, the skin becomes red and swollen. In such a situation, massaging with ice gives relief. After threading the eye brows or upper-lips, if there are any problems on the skin, then massage there with ice cubes.

After waxing on the skin of some girls, small pimples and pimples come out. After a few days, they also fill with pus and feel itchy. If you are also experiencing a similar problem, then you can apply ice. After every waxing, massage the hands and feet with ice cubes. This will not cause waxing bumps or pimples.

Open pores
Open pores are a very common beauty problem of women. To get relief from this, the skin should be massaged with ice cubes. In this way, massaging with ice cleans the skin of the face. After washing the face with a cleanser, rub a small piece of ice on the face. By doing this the open pores start shrinking so that dirt does not accumulate in them and the face remains clean.

Keep these things in mind while applying ice on the face

  • Before applying ice on the face, clean the face thoroughly. Doing this removes the dirt and oil from the face. Use ice cubes only on clean skin.
  • Do not apply ice directly on the skin. Using it directly on the skin will give you a burning sensation. Before applying ice on the face, tie the pieces of ice in a cotton handkerchief and then massage the face with the help of that cloth.
  • Do not rub the ice too fast while applying it on the skin. Apply it gently on your skin.
  • Rub ice on the skin twice a week with dry skin, while for people with sensitive skin, too much coldness of ice cubes can be disturbing.
  • home remedies to use ice cubes
  • Make an ice pack by mixing rose water with ice. Keep it on the eyes with the help of cotton for 10 to 20 minutes, this tip is very beneficial for the eyes.
  • Use ice with cream in the summer season, it makes the skin smooth.
  • Mix honey with aloe vera gel and store it in an ice cube tray. If you ever get sunburned or because of this the skin starts itching, then this will give you relief.
  • Put green-tea bags in 2 cups of water and prepare strong tea, then leave these tea bags in the water for at least an hour. After that keep it in ice cube and keep it in the fridge. Afterwards rub it on your under eye. Antioxidants are found in tea and caffeine, which helps in removing darkening of the skin.
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