Some of the Best Markets and Indian Shops in Bangkok That You Must Explore

Excerpts: Here are some of the best markets and Indian shops in Bangkok that you must explore at least once while being on a trip to Thailand.

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities not only in Thailand but also in the world. Every year, millions of tourists visit Bangkok from around the globe and explore tons of tourist attractions that the city offers. A significant number of tourists among them are from India only. Thailand, being a country of sacred destinations, beliefs and traditions, attracts tons of thousands of tourists from India. Bangkok is among those cities in the world where there are tons of markets, shopping malls and night bazaars. The reason why markets and shopping malls in Bangkok attract a considerable number of tourists from across the world is their high-quality goods and the variety of products they possess. Since a large number of tourists that visit Bangkok are from India, the city established many Indian Shops in Bangkok for the ease of Indian tourists.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Bangkok, we would like to recommend you some of the best markets and Indian shops in Bangkok that you would love to explore while being in the city. So, without further ado, let us take a look at those best Indian shops in Bangkok.

Phahurat Market – Little India

Talking about Indian shops in Bangkok and not starting the list with Phahurat Market? No, that is not going to happen here. The reason why we are saying that is because Phahurat Market is considered as Little India. A large proportion of the tourists that visit Bangkok must explore at least once during their trip. Here, you will find a lot of amazing Indian and Thai dishes and fashionable clothes and accessories. Phahurat Market is one of the most reputed and highly recommended fashion markets with Indian shops in Bangkok. Tourists from around the world appreciate and have high regard for the products they buy from Phahurat Market.

Phahurat Market is also known as the finest jewellery and textile markets in Bangkok. The reason why Phahurat Market has high quality and authentic Indian products is that it is located in the neighbourhood known as Little India. A significant number of Indians live in the neighbourhood.

What makes the Phahurat Market a must visit market for Indian shops in Bangkok is because the market has a large variety of jewellery, delicious foods, and branded, designer and authentic clothing etc. Here, you will find the best quality of fabrics and readymade clothes as well.

Phahurat Market has so much to explore that you would get a feel of wandering in one of the Indian markets in your own country. Moreover, if you get tired of exploring Indian shops and vendors within Phahurat Market, you can stopover to any of the neighbouring restaurants. These restaurants offer a wide range of Indian meals, snacks and your favourite beverages.

You will get almost everything that you want from Phahurat Market. Apart from that, there are many other markets in Bangkok, which Indian tourists love to explore while being on the trip to Bangkok.

Indra Square Shopping Mall

Indra Square Shopping Mall, also known as the Indra Market, is one of the most reputable and decent shopping malls with Indian shops in Bangkok. It is an indoor shopping mall where you will get as many as 300 retail and wholesale outlets. Here, you will get high quality products at reasonable prices. There are several floors in Indra Square Shopping Mall that has a great number of retail shops, fashion outlets, stores for kids’ clothes, restaurants etc.

Indra Square Shopping Mall has many key highlights that attract a lot of tourists from across the world, especially Indians. The mall consists of exclusive Indian jewellery, silk clothes, cosmetics, trousers and jeans, toys, handbags, fashionable clothes at very reasonable prices.

You can also buy the latest smartphones, tablets, televisions, iPads and other branded electronic gadgets from Indra Square Shopping Mall. On top of that, you will get authentic Indian foods and multi-cuisine food corners within the mall.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is among the largest markets in not only in Thailand but also across the world. Here, you will find the best quality products such as the branded and designer clothes, shoes, handbags, books, household items, books, crockery, items for home decoration and Thai handicrafts etc. The best thing about Chatuchak Market is that you will find high-quality products at reasonable prices. Moreover, if you are good at bargaining – like most of we Indians are – then you will get the best deals in Chatuchak Market. Besides, there is one important thing that you must keep in your mind while planning your trip to Bangkok. Chatuchak Market does not open every day. Rather, this market opens Friday night every week and closes on Sunday night. Hence, you will get three nights a week to explore the market.

The popularity of Chatuchak Market is so high that this is one of the most visited markets with Indian shops in Bangkok. Therefore, if you prepare your itinerary for visiting Bangkok, you must plan your trip in a way that you get the chance to visit Chatuchak Market.

Platinum Fashion Mall

If you are not so keen on luxury shopping and branded products, Platinum Fashion Mall is one such market where you get a few good Indian shops in Bangkok. Well, not specifically Indian but here you will find various styles and fashion clothes from Japan, China, Korea and Hong Kong as well. Platinum Fashion Mall follows a unique trend of the indoor flea market and offers a lot of high quality products at reasonable prices.

Platinum Fashion Mall is a hub for many types of clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, handbags and other stuff for the people of all the age groups. In the Platinum Fashion Mall, you will get the feel of street shopping and get a number of great deals. If you are good at bargaining then you can save a lot many good deals.

All in all, Bangkok offers a great number of shopping malls and markets that tourists throughout the world enjoy exploring. And if you are from India, we assure you that you are going to love these markets and Indian shops in Bangkok that we just mentioned here in this article! So, happy shopping!