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Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

A Place Where Beautiful Past Can Be Relived

Rajasthan, as we know, is a state filled with memoirs, memories, and stories of braveries of many great rulers of India. It is synonymous with the journey into history with some of the world’s most famous and significant forts and places globally. And for ages people have been coming from various parts of the country and abroad to live some of their days in the lap of history filled with so many stories, cultures, and beliefs. Although, while most would select cities like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Chittor, and Ajmer by default to spend their holidays in Rajasthan, there are many less known places in Rajasthan which can equally make your time worth and one such place is Chokhi Dhani.

Where is Chokhi Dhani and What is its Significance?

Chokhi Dhani is a small resort village which is located in the Jaipur city and was started in early 1989. It is stationed at the 2 miles, Tonk Road at Jaipur. The same replica has been built now in Sonipat(Haryana Road) Approx 1.5 hrs drive from Delhi.The primary significance of this place is that the word Chokhi Dhani stands for “Rajasthan Culture” and this village is an outright celebration of just that. The place not just captures the Heritage of Rajasthan beautifully but also of the Indian Culture as well. Inspired completely by the village theme, the Chokhi Dhani village resort aims to provide tourists the wholesome experience of the Rajasthan culture in one place. Furthermore, stretched into 10 acres of land, this place has been heavily influenced by the Indo – Saracenic style of architecture.

Initially, the first look of the resort might take you by surprise since the place consists of a series of rebuilt village huts which are completed with cow dung plasters and decorated wall paintings. But all the rooms here are well equipped with great facilities and comfortable amenities. The place is well designed for a perfect family vacation.

Best Time to Visit

One can visit Chokhi Dhani at any time of the year. Although, October to March is considered to be the ideal time to visit here since summer can be very hot here which can be troubling. Moreover, between October and March you can have the chance to see quite a few local cultural events being held at the place. The resort is open to visitors from 5 PM to 11 PM at all days of the week. Also, the entry fee of the place is Rs. 700 – 1100 for adults whereas for the children it can be between Rs. 400 – 700 depending on the chosen dining experience.

Reasons to Visit
  • Haldighati Battle

You can relive the Haldighati Ka Yudh which was an epic battle fought in the history of Rajasthan. This ferocious battle was fought between the Rajput dynasties and the Mughals with the Rajputs emerging victorious out of it. A roller-coaster play of emotions leading to the enactment of the entire battle is bound to leave you captivated.

See Also

  • Shopping

Yes, shopping. This place is filled with some of the finest handicraft materials which you may never found anywhere else in the country. The kalagram is working hard to promote the local artisans here. Also, you can found many unique paintings, adorable decors here.

  • Watch a Puppet Show

Puppeteering is a dying art in modern times with the lack of many skilled puppeteers left to enthrall us with their mesmerizing storytelling by their sheer control over the lovely crafted and dressed puppets. Chokhi Dhani is one of the places where you can live those old days of watching a puppet show.

  • Dining

Chokhi Dhani has a line of finest of the restaurant where you can enjoy the local dishes of Rajasthan and other delicious eateries. These restaurants cater to various people with varied tastes from across the country as well as abroad. Some of these restaurants are the famous Bindola Restaurant, Aragosta Restaurant, Kesar Kyari Barbeque, and Chaupal.

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